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 Wedding Photography in Toledo and Sylvania Ohio


How should I pick a photographer?
There are two very important parts to choosing a photographer. First, you should like the photographer's style. If you were the bride/groom in the images, would you be thrilled? Second, you and your fiance will spend a lot of time working with the photographer on your wedding day, so you need to have someone you are comfortable being around. Once you have decided on a photographer, discuss prices, deposits, packages, quantity of pictures and so on.

What is Your style?
Our aim is to profile you with a wide variety of images which are a blend of traditional and photojournalistic images.

Will you be our photographer, or will you send someone else?
We never contract work out, so you will always get William Hayes (me!) as your photographer. For most of our packages, you will often have a second photographer as well. With two photographers (not just a photographer and assistant), we have the chance to get things from different angles and perspectives. This approach gives you choices ranging from formal portraits to casual and fun photos.

How much time will you spend at my wedding?
That is really up to you. You can have the photographer meet you where you are getting dressed, and keep taking pictures until you leave the reception. Or you may just want a few hours of photography, with a few formal photographs and some pictures of the ceremony.

How much time should we leave for photography on your wedding day?
This varies by wedding but here is a simple breakdown.
-30 minutes for each the bride and the groom before the wedding (in addition to the time the photographer spends in the background while you are getting ready.)
-30-40 minutes after for formals at the church.
-60-90 minutes plus travel time at a location like a park or museum between the wedding and reception (this is the most important time!)
-any additional time for photography at the wedding that is needed for groups at the reception.

How long after the wedding until we can view our images?
You will usually be able to view your images online within 10-14 days, depending on the time of year. Your proof booklet will be ready approximately 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

Are albums included, and what types to you offer?
All of our photography packages (except the bronze package) include albums. Each package having a set number of hours and a certain number of pictures in an album. We offer 3 different styles of albums. The most basic is a matted album with one or two images per page. Second is a coffee table book that has thin pages with custom designed layouts of 1-4 images per page. It comes with a fine Italian leather cover in black or white. Finally is the flush mount album that has the same type of custom layouts but has much thicker pages. It also has more cover color options.

Who chooses the pictures that go in the album?
After looking at all the proofs, the bride and groom decide what goes in the album. With the matted album, you decide what size the images will be, and we design the layout. With the coffee table and flush mount designs, once you select the images, we'll design the album then let you approve it before it is printed.

What about black and white, sepia, and selective (or spot) color images?
We offer all of these at no extra charge. Many of your images will be presented in multiple ways so you can choose what you like best. Some couples want black and white pictures because they like the classic quality. Also, there has been a return to black and white (in advertising and weddings) with a contemporary or fashion look to it.

Shouldn't my photographer have a back- up in case he/she is sick on my wedding day?
Professionals are part of a network of photographers, and do have many people they can call in emergency. No doubt, as your wedding approaches you will have many far more significant worries. Let your photographer manage this problem.

Can other guests take pictures during the formal photography?
We don't mind if other people take photographs during the formal photography as long as we can get the necessary photographs.

Do we get to keep the digital files?
You will receive a copy of the basic digital files once your album is complete. You may make as many copies of these as you wish for personal use only. Remember that these are the originals, and do not include effects like black and white, soft focus, selective color. We recommend for reprints.

About how many images can we expect to see from 8 hours of coverage?
Usually between 300-600.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We use professional Canon Digital-SLR cameras including the Canon 5D, 20D and 10D.

When is the date locked in as ours?
As soon as we receive a signed contract and the retainer (usually $400).

Do you travel?
Of course! We'll go anywhere you'd like (do I hear you saying Tahiti?) Anywhere within 50 miles of the Toledo Ohio area (including Sylvania, Perrysburg, Oregon, Bowling Green, Maumee, etc.) is free. Worldwide travel is available and is based on current travel prices. Please ask for a custom quote.

When is the package price due?
Your balance (the package price minus the retainer) is due 30 days prior to the wedding.